Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Vet Visit

Dante had his first visit to the vet yesterday!  Because we just moved, it was also our first time to our new vet's office.  They are GREAT!

Dante started his my day at 6:30 and we barely made our 9:15 appointment (if you're a puppy raiser, tell me; he did get a bath, but does it always take this long to get ready in the mornings, or do you get more efficient as the months go on ;) ??)! 

When we got there I asked him to "Hurry," and he did his business quickly and without sniffing any of the other droppings on the ground.  He definitely made me proud!  Since he is only 10 weeks, I carried him in and he sat squirmed on my lap the entire time we were waiting.  He is definitely not shy!


When he was called back and placed on the table he was really excited for about a 1/4 of a second then settled down and fell asleep!

Dante is still not eating all of his food, but he still weighs in at 17 pounds!!  He is such a charmer, and was sooo good the entire time, even when they had to take him in the back by himself, and throughout his whole check - up and shots, his tail never stopped wagging! 

Of course it did help that Dr. Murphy is the best!

Dante was so exhausted after such a busy morning, he pretty much slept the entire day and still didn't make a peep for seven hours last night! 

I am so proud of my little charge for being so independent and ready for new adventures, and I hope he'll always be that way, especially after his time with me is done. 

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