Friday, September 13, 2013

Lookin' Sharp

There has come a point in a puppy's life when they are Ready.  Ready to take on the world.  Not that they do not like outings and new places, but it becomes a need.  Canine Companions puppies are bred for confidence, and thrive off of adventure.  It has happened with both my puppies; a light switch turns on, and they are ready for adventure.  Now!

The other day, I was overwhelmed with school, and couldn't seem to keep my focus on one thing long enough to make any progress before I was distracted by something else that needed to get done.  Moray was also getting restless, so I gathered some books, packed a couple things for Moray, and we headed to Barnes and Noble.

 Barnes and Noble is located at an outdoor mall, and is nice and quiet during the day.  The few times I have taken Moray out, he has proven himself to be fantastic at settling and being still and quiet, and he was here as well.  After two hours of studying (Moray sleeping), I ditched my stuff in the car, and we took off to explore, and practice loose leash walking.  

While keeping a loose leash still takes a lot of focus from both of us, I had so much fun with my gorgeous boy.  He has such an innocent awe toward the world, and it is So. Much. Fun. to explore with him.  One of my favorite things about puppy raising is watching them learn and take new places in.  Moray takes everything in stride, and loves every single minute of being out and about.  

While all Canine Companion's puppies possess intoxicating levels of cuteness, not much is sharper than a jet black lab pup in a trim, blazing yellow vest.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to get my first update on how Dante is doing in Advanced Training.  I will not receive his first training report for another month, so while this was just a generic email sent to all puppy raisers who recently turned in pups, it was still nice to get something.  

In the last three weeks, Dante has made it through his preliminary temperament testing, a thorough health exam to clear him to continuing in training, as well as a field trip.  He has been assigned to a trainer (I will not know who until his first report), and has been working on proofing the 30 commands he learned with me.  

While it is so, so, so hard to not get minute by minute updates on Dante; right now no new is good news.  Dogs in Advanced Training (or the puppy program for that matter) can get released at any time, so no phone call from CCI today means he is doing well enough that they want to keep him tomorrow.

I miss that little Firecracker like crazy, but am also very excited for him.  Now to start counting down to his first real training report, and not die of impatience before it comes!

Our "last hurrah" of an outing -- SeaWorld Orlando, the day before Turn In.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Life around here doesn't look like it is going to calm down any time soon.  Hence the lack of blogging.  Unfortunately, it has fallen down on my list of priorities, which I hate, but for now is just how it is.

I have many, many thoughts still swirling in my head about Dante and turn in (has it only been 2 weeks?!?).  I am not a self-proclaimed writer, but I need to write to get my thoughts straight for my own good.  These I have chosen not to write on the blog because I do not like to feel that I have to justify my feelings, and while I hate to feel that I leave "loose ends" on here, that is just the way it is for now. 

Now on to Moray!  Although I hate to have a lag in blogging, it almost feels right in this case -- a kind of "reset" to Everything Moray.  

Moray is such a sweetie!  Oh my!  Do I love this age!  He now responds to not only his name, but "Hey Gorgeous!" as well.  ;)  The last two weeks have taken some adjusting for him too.  Since he arrived in June, he has had at least one, but up to four other dogs in the house all the time.  

It feels so serene around here with only one puppy.  So far, he has amazing house manners.  Having a puppy that (so far) ignores anything inappropriate in the house, and only goes for his toys is so weird.  I still stand in awe that at 4.5 months, he is better in the house than a certain Golden we all know-and-love was when he turned in at 20 months!  I know it won't last long.  The Terrible Teens are just around the corner, but it is nice to have hope!  

We have been in school full-force for a month now.  I have a very full schedule with co-op, homeschool classes, and class at the community college.  It will be a few months before Moray can keep up with that, but he is making good progress in his training.  

I always hate to compare puppies, but it is hard not to note the differences.  Moray is not nearly as high-energy as Dante was, and he is learning to settle very well.  He came to co-op on Friday for the first time.  We meet in a church, and it is pretty calm with not that many people, and he did fantastic.  Slept or played with toys the whole time.  The only complaint one could have was the noises he makes in his sleep, but if that is it, it is the least of my worries!

We are getting ready to head into "big boy status" as 5 months is less than two weeks away.  This means wearing the "official" Canine Companions Puppy in Program vest, and going on public outings.  He is ready.  Moray has grown a lot in his commands and maturity in general.  He gets so serious when his vest and gentle leader go on.  It is so adorable!  He loves to work, learn new things, and go to new places.  Not much else you can ask for!

I do not have much to say about these, other than that in writing this post I have realized just how few pictures I have of this cutie.  Moray loved his first visit to the grocery store to learn about carts though!