Thursday, September 5, 2013


Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to get my first update on how Dante is doing in Advanced Training.  I will not receive his first training report for another month, so while this was just a generic email sent to all puppy raisers who recently turned in pups, it was still nice to get something.  

In the last three weeks, Dante has made it through his preliminary temperament testing, a thorough health exam to clear him to continuing in training, as well as a field trip.  He has been assigned to a trainer (I will not know who until his first report), and has been working on proofing the 30 commands he learned with me.  

While it is so, so, so hard to not get minute by minute updates on Dante; right now no new is good news.  Dogs in Advanced Training (or the puppy program for that matter) can get released at any time, so no phone call from CCI today means he is doing well enough that they want to keep him tomorrow.

I miss that little Firecracker like crazy, but am also very excited for him.  Now to start counting down to his first real training report, and not die of impatience before it comes!

Our "last hurrah" of an outing -- SeaWorld Orlando, the day before Turn In.

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