Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Working Together

This week was the first time I have taken Dante and Moray on an outing together.  My mom, sister, and I headed to the outdoor mall.  It is a great place to bring the two puppies because Dante can work in and out of stores with my mom while Moray and I work on his loose leash walking, polite greetings, "sits," and "shakes."

We went right when they opened on a Monday morning, so there were very few people or added distractions.  Dante was in a little bit of a funk because he was jealous that I had Moray, and it was the first time I have made him wear his gentle leader in about 10 days because of his hotspot.  But it is good for him to be able to work with someone else besides "his person."

I put Moray on top of this wall because even though he won't learn "jump" for a few more months, it is good to get him used to being up off the ground so he won't be afraid.

Moray was very excited to see his big brother when we met up with them again!  Dante wagged his tail, but let him know that this is working time, not play time ;)

Yup, Moray outgrew his baby cape.  I cannot believe he is getting so big already!

It can hard to balance having two CCI puppies at one time, as it is different than two pets.  But it has been so great for both Dante and Moray, as well as growing my skills as a handler.  I love these two boys!

Note:  You have probably noticed, but I finally changed the blog!  Our URL (dayswithdante.blogspot.com) remains the same, but we do have a new name.  If you have been so kind as to add "Days with Dante" to your blog roll, our name will not change automatically  to "Puppies and Possibilities" on your blog, but has to be changed manually.  Thank you!


  1. Oh the overlap stage!! How long was your overlap exactly? I overlapped by 3 months. I wouldn't ever overlap that much again. 2-4 weeks top will be my next overlap haha. They are both so cute!!!

    1. Hahaha! I so get you. I overlapped them 9 weeks. It was a really rough first month, but if I didn't, I'd have to wait until winter break to get a new puppy, and I really didn't want to wait. It really depends where Dante ends up, and what I decide to do with school and such, before I can make a decision about if/when to get another puppy, but I don't think I would overlap this much again either.

  2. Ahhh I love Moray's new cape! Helaine was in the baby cape until she was 5 months old (a rule that is to be followed in our chapter, though I'm not sure if it's just a chapter rule or a regional rule, as well as what the reasoning is!) Is Dante's turn in date August 16th? I can't believe it's time for turn in already. Also, LOVE the new look of your blog!

    1. Moray's vest is still considered a baby vest as it doesn't have pockets, and only the one patch on the top. He can't get his "official" vest until he is 5 months too. That is interesting that your chapter doesn't have the baby vests as well as capes. Maybe it is a regional thing, as all the SER puppies I know have had both. I LOVE the baby capes, but they grow out of them fast!

      Yup! We are flying with him down the 15th. His matriculation packet is scheduled to come this week, only four more weeks!

  3. Seeing the last photo gave me goosebumps - your Dante's days as puppy raising is coming to a close. Thinking of you and praying for sweet remaining weeks at home with him. {HUGS}


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