Tuesday, July 30, 2013

He Fetches

Starting from when Dante was eight or nine weeks old, I have spent countless hours trying to teach him to fetch.  We started in the upstairs hallway, on a long leash, and once he got that down, we played off leash, then started over downstairs in the house, and so on.  Dante loves to chase after toys, but teaching Fetch was exhausting.  Trying to get Dante excited, switching toys every throw, and tons of treats.  On Sunday, Dante played Fetch for a full 15 minutes in the back yard (still with tons of treats), and I was floored that he stayed interested that long.

 Moray is a different story.  The dog fetches.  

Dante, Moray and I were playing in the backyard together, and I threw a ball for them.  Dante lost interest after a few minutes, and went to find a stick.  Moray raced after the ball and brought it to me.  I, of course, praised and gave him a treat.  I threw it again, not really thinking he would bring it back, but sure enough, he did.

I took Moray out by himself the other day to see if he would really Fetch.  He does.

I try not to compare Dante and Moray, but I am totally flabbergasted that Moray doesn't even need to be taught.  Sure, I want to put a "fetch" command with it, but it is so much easier when he is already doing it.

We take this oppertunity to work on impulse control and his commands, asking for a "sit" or "shake" or "speak" before each throw.

Sitting before throwing the ball.


"Moray, here!"

It is SO much fun that Moray wants to fetch, and even seeks me out for attention when he is free in the yard.  Love this sweet baby!


  1. So cute! Cassius very rarely fetches. Occasionally, but running around and running back to the humans for attention (minus the ball) is apparently more fun. Interestingly, this has no bearing whatsoever on the "get" command - he loves doing it on command, just doesn't quite see the point of doing it for fun!

  2. Aw, so fun! And he looks SOOOOO cute!


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