Monday, July 8, 2013


Last summer was not my summer.  I landed myself in the emergency room twice, and Dante accompanied me to countless allergist and orthopedic appointments through to the fall.

Needless to say, I had high hopes for this summer.

I have been to the vet too many times in the last month.  As most of you know, Moray had been sick twice with kennel cough and a urinary track infection, and this week was poor Dante's turn. 

Dante started not acting right on Friday night, but I summed up his quietness to running hard on the playground that afternoon with Moray and Young.  I woke up Saturday morning only to have my mom tell me that she had been up until 4am with Dante because he was whining and restless, but she could not figure out what was wrong.

When I got him out of his kennel I noticed under his ear and the side of his face was wet/oozy and he wouldn't let me touch it.  Thankfully our vet was open this weekend.

The perfect mixture of bug bites/scratching/swimming and not drying out quick enough, caused Dante to develop a hotspot under his ear/cheek.

This poor baby spent pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday sleeping.  He was so pitiful and literally thought he was dying.  This is the first time that Dante has been sick and my heart broke that he didn't understand what had happened.

Dante's hotspot.  This is from Saturday, it is looking much better today.
Wallowing in sorrow amidst his favorite toys.

By Sunday night, the antibiotics had kicked in and it looked a lot better.  I knew when he came trotting out of the kitchen carrying a hand towel that he was back to himself again.  ;-)

He is doing much, much better today, and was getting restless and mischevious in the house, so I took him to Starbucks and a quick grocery stop, and he was so glad to get out.  Because of the placement of his hotspot, he cannot wear his gentle leader for a little while, but proved himself to do well on just his flat collar.  

Just a peep of his healing hotspot shows from under his ear.

So now that sickness has made the rounds to everyone, we should be done, right???


  1. No fun! Glad that was a quick heal.

  2. I have been wondering if my pup Spunky will develop a hot spot.. she is a golden as well! I blog too.. It would be awesome if you could check out my blog as well. I love reading about your adventures with your pups! :)

  3. Hannah, So sorry to hear about what happened to my number one doggy nephew. . .glad he is feeling better. My old dog Daisy had a hot spot on her side one time - an allergic reaction to something unknown. The good news is she never got one again. Is there any thing special the vet recommended doing next time he goes swimming?
    Anyway, I have that picture you were looking for, but I can't send to your phone, which is the only number I have for you. So text me your email address, ok?

    Love you, my Darling Girl, and I think you are incredible.

    Aunt Erin


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