Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waiting and Whining

Sometimes I feel as if Dante's training is going one step forward two steps back.  I know that he is making progress, but it is slow and steady. . .just slow.

He is making progress in his commands, and knows almost all of them.  But his manners need some work.  I can attribute some of it to his age, the phase he is in, and his breed, but it can still get discouraging. 

The golden in him is strong, and he is still pretty mouthy.  It's his way of saying "I'm not listening to you, I do what I want."  Oh that sassyness.

He has also recently started whining.  Please tell me this is not going to last long!!!  Dante comes to three classes with me per week, and is usually fantastic.  He sleeps, or just lays there being pretty near perfect.  But on Tuesday afternoon, he softly whined through an entire 1 1/2 hour class.  And it has continued at home when he doesn't want to be "under" the table while I do school, or "wait" for a special toy.  

Last night, my mom had him and got out a stuffed Kong, set it on the coffee table and asked him to "down."  He went "down" but started whining.  He whined for 30 minutes strait before he was quiet long enough to earn that toy.  *Sigh*

I need to be honest, but I don't want to just sound complaining.  This is the reason I do have him for more than 10 months. :-)  And he really is a great dog.  He is SO smart, loves to learn new thing, is extremely confidant, and is fantastic on all of his outings.

Looking so obedient. . .or maybe I have kibble :-)


  1. Oh, the whining.....we know about the whining in this house. I think you sound like you're on the right's just a matter of human fortitude, listening to that pitch!

  2. Don't feel bad goldens whine alot my first golden did it every time he could see us but wasnt right next to us, and my last puppy andrew barks when he hears noises while we are home so i promise you you arent the only one going through the annoying barking or whining stage

  3. I totally understand!! We are having the same issue with Trigger!! I think we have something mastered but then he reverts backwards! Ohh puppies!

  4. About the whining...Carver ( has whined since the day we brought him home. It's not a constant whine, but more of a, pay attention to me...I'm bored type of whine. He's 15 months old and still whines. I see no change till he gets turned in and his world gets rocked!!

  5. Miss Zinfandel has become very whiny and sassy in the past couple of weeks. I think it's their age. Keep at it and think of all the amazing work you have done with Dante. Smile!

  6. Thanks you all! Your comments are always encouraging and welcome!

  7. I love the honesty in your blog Hannah! It's a reminder to me of how much patience puppy raisers have and how much I appreciate them!

    1. Thank you. That means a lot. More often than not, I debate weather or not to post something because I don't want it to come across the wrong way, or whiny myself ;-)

  8. Keep it real, Hannah!! The only way we all will learn through your experiences, and you get the feedback of support, or things to try. This too shall pass ... then it'll be something different. Hahaha!! Seriously, you are doing awesome!!!! Keep smiling and lovin' that pup!

  9. It's probably the kibble, re: the last picture. :) Bright makes that face, though, and I always pretend it's because she loves me so.


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