Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Puppy Sitting

Last week, I had the opportunity to puppy sit another Canine Companions puppy.  Young is the only other CCI puppy in my area, and a super cute four month old 3/4 lab/golden cross (Dante is a 3/4 golden cross).  

Dante and Young got along great.  The only problem was getting them to stop playing!  

They played so hard on Thursday when Young arrived, that Dante was so exhausted on Friday, and for a while I thought he was sick.  Hehe!  I was so impressed with how Dante handled Young "invading" his space and toys.  He shared so well, and was so gentle with Young.  He did show some jealousy over my attention, but got over that in the first day.

Young is such a sweetieMaybe having a teenager in Dante really showed the contrast, but I had almost forgotten how fresh little puppies are!  There was no "Whatcha gonna do about it if I don't?" attitude; just soaking up everything new and really wanting your approval and attention.  So innocent.  Don't get me wrong, while Dante has some issues we are working on, I wouldn't trade his spunk in for the world. :-)

I had a very busy week and weekend with school and such, so we spent most of the time at home.  But Young did get to come to the park and watch my tennis lesson.  My mom took him for a short walk and then to sit and watch.  It is so much fun to watch them take in new surroundings!

We had a great time with Young, and poor Dante was mopey all day yesterday when he left.  I keep telling him that he will see him at puppy class on Saturday, and I think he is getting over it.  ;-)  


  1. Cute! I'm glad they got along and enjoyed hanging out together- that makes it a whole lot easier on your part. :D

  2. I love it when we can get Nettie together with another CCI dog. Dante did so well sharing his space! Impressive!


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