Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I cannot believe that tomorrow is the day that we head to Canine Companion's Southeast Regional Training Center.  The last week (let's face it, the last two months) have been on the crazy side.  It is a good thing because it has helped kept my mind off of turn in, and kept me sane.  

 Last week we headed to North Carolina for a week.  Moray stayed with Young's raisers, had a fabulous vacation, and grew about three inches. 

One of the many photos I received of Moray's grand time away.
Dante came with us, and also had a good time.  He somehow got hold of aluminum foil without us knowing, and was sick for the first three days.  We ended up taking him to our old vet there, and he is fine now.  But, he had fun on outings to new places, and seeing my older sisters one last time.

Visited my sisters' school

Sit (stays) at my sisters' school

Novel stairs checked off as well.
Saying goodbye to my sisters.

On our way home Monday, we picked up a sweet CCI puppy named Odina.  Odina is turning in with Dante, but sadly her raiser isn't able to take her, so she has spent the last few days with us, and will be flying with my mom, Dante, and I.  Odina is such a sweetie!  She is so good with her commands, is super cuddly, and gets along great with Dante and Moray.

Dante and Odina at Starbucks

Grocery shopping together

Hey, look! They are capable of being in the same room and NOT playing ;)

Last day together.  Moray is already 32 lbs!

Gonna miss watching these two play together.

At the vet.  Moray for his last set of shots, and Odina for a health certificate.  Moray is now legal to go to dog-friendly places, and Odina is cleared to fly!

Practicing his settling.  He always puts his paw on my foot to make sure I reward him for a job well done.


  1. Moray has gotten so big already!

  2. Praying for you with turning in Dante! You have done such a great job training him. I'm glad you have Moray :)

  3. Way to go Hannah! You guys seem up to your ears in dogs. Here's hoping that Dante has a fantastic time going off to dog university! Moray looks almost as big as Piper and has the blocky head. Love that.

  4. You are in my thoughts, sweet friend. While tomorrow is so exciting for so many, it also brings a lot of sadness as well. Know that you've done the best you possibly can. I'm looking forward to hearing all about Dante's college life. Hugs from me and puppy kisses from Helaine!

  5. Hope turn-in went well. Thought of you when we saw Debbie and Muir!!


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