Saturday, January 25, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect (Eventually)

The month of December was pretty low-key and quiet for Moray.  There were lots of errands and places to go that were not the best venues to accomplish positive training, thus, we were doing well if Moray got an outing in once or twice per week.  

"Jump" at Tractor Supply

At church, watching game time during Awana

being loved on by a sweet little girl
The last few weeks of getting back into our normal schedule and routine have been very good for Moray.  Like most puppies, Moray needs a lot of repetition and consistency in his training.  His public manners are overall pretty well, but he is still having some issues that only regular and precise outings and exposure can help.  

Chilling at the bookstore

I love that every Starbucks we have been to is welcoming of my pups.  Moray thought he should have gotten some of my smoothie since his name was on it!

Studying and staying small
A few of the most important things Moray has been working on include keeping focused and not letting strangers' baby talk and outstretched hands distract him, calm greetings, practicing his new, more advanced commands in different settings, and just making outings fun and enjoyable for him.   
T, one of Moray's biggest admirers and a very special guy, who practices calm greeting every time we go to the grocery store.

A BIG stretch, but a good "Up," Moray!
Sometimes, progress seems to crawl so slowly I have to squint and really search for things he is getting better at, but I have no doubt that with lots and lots of practice, we'll reach perfection.
People watching from a "lap" command.

Good boy laying the right way next to my chair.

On an outing with fellow CCI pups Hardy and Young

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