Friday, May 30, 2014

May Graduation Part 3

Friday was graduation day!  We got up, and during breakfast in the hotel talked to many people about Moray and CCI.  I find it so funny that up there, we got SO many more comments about him being a "seeing eye dog" than I do down here.  It was fun to get to educate about other types of assistance dogs and CCI too!

We soon headed over the the venue for graduation.  We were there about an hour early and were talking with each other and other puppy raisers there too.  There were several local news reporters who were there, and of of them asked to interview Moray and I.

They ended up only using a few seconds of the clip, but it was still fun!  And Moray enjoyed a brief break in the "no licking" rule to ham it up!
This was Moray's first CCI event, and he had to work very, very hard to keep focused with 50+ other dogs there.  It definitely helps that all the others are as well behaved as he is, but it still took a lot of self control, and he ended up doing really well.  it took it out of him though, and he was out like a light the whole four hour drive back to my aunt and uncle's house afterwards! 
Lots of other awesome CCI dogs!

Good boy, Moray Man!
If you have never been to a Canine Companion's graduation, you are truly missing out on an amazing presentation of genuine love, sacrifice, joy, and hope.  I have said it before, and I'll say it again: CCI knows how to do it.  It was even more amazing to be "part of" it and see my uncle receive his new service dog, Hickory.  
Hickory's puppy raiser handing over the leash
With Hickory's trainer and puppy raiser 
All graduated!  I know your raiser is SO proud of you, Hickory!
We spent our last day at our family's house visiting, taking a nice long walk, and having some puppy play time with Hickory!

Hickory settling in at home

They played so well together and loved each other!

Hickory! And a squeaky ball, lol

Smart boy kept coming over because he knew I carried treats for Moray! ;)
It was a whirlwind trip, but great on all fronts.  Moray did so well and really showed me how much he is growing and maturing, and proved that he is able to handle more and more distractions and environments.  He was a sleepy boy all the way home!


  1. Just curious, what kind of things is Hickory trained to do? I don't know much about CCI, more about GDB and such.

    1. Hickory can pick up dropped items, carry things (like grocery bags, etc.), retrieve purchases off a counter/give items to a cashier, open and close drawer and doors (and hold heavier doors open so he can enter in his wheelchair), push automatic door buttons/elevator buttons, and turn lights on and off. CCI also trains them to pull wheelchairs (which Hickory doesn't need to do), and also teaches the grads how to teach other personalized tasks that they need in their home (helping with laundry, etc.). I might be missing something in there, lol! They train hearing dogs and facility dogs too.


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