Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Puppy Outing

This weekend we finally got together for an outing with fellow Canine Companions puppy in training, Hardy.  Everyone has had an extremely busy summer so far, so it was nice to finally connect!

We all met up at Lowe's so that we could practice various commands and also let the puppies practice working with other handlers besides their raisers.
Dante also got to tag along since Lowe's is a pet-friendly store!  Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle on the 4th, so I spent the whole time working with Dante, and he got to show off his wheelchair work and advanced commands.
There was lots of passing around the leashes so that puppies and humans got to work on various skills.
Hardy executing a "sit" and Moray doing a "jump" on a grate.
Hardy does an "off" for the newest (almost!) puppy raiser of our group

Moray with Hardy's raiser
Dante opens the fridge!
Tight spaces? No problem!

Moray and Hardy are both super sweet boys and get along so well.  When we took a break and were all talking together, they laid down nose-to-nose together and were so sweet!  It is always so fun and encouraging to get together with our friends and fellow puppy raisers!

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  1. Lowe's must have been the place to go over the holiday. :D Now I want to go back just to try out some of your exercises!!! Looks like a lot of great fun!


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