Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miscellaneous Ramblings

I am sorry that I have not written in a while.  It has been one of those weeks.  Dante is at that age where he can be quite a pill.  Honestly, I have not been wanting to write because I didn't have very many positive things to share, and it is not my point to highlight or dwell on Dante's troubles, so I thought it best to keep shut.  I know he just needs time to grow out of it, but a few times per day, he heads to his crate because I need a good amount of "no puppy" time.

Right now, Dante is sprawled  out on his back at my feet sleeping - finally.

Some things this week:  Dante took another trip to Petco and got to see a really friendly ferret.  It was so funny to watch them because the ferret was not the  least bit afraid on Dante.  They followed each other back and forth along the glass.  They were so cute!

Dante also got a "big boy" collar.  His little one was starting to look so funny on him, and he was almost grown out of it.  At over 40 lbs. I am surprised it was strong enough to hold him.  I swore that I would not buy a personalized collar, because I want to remind myself as often as possible that he is not mine, therefore, was just going to keep a plain blue one on.  But my mom and sister talked me into it.  It is brown, and I think it looks really nice against his fur.  

Okay, okay!  It might have a small floral design, but you cannot tell from afar, and it was on sale (I also have a plain brown one that looks nice).  I think Dante is secure enough in his manliness that he can pull off a few flowers!  ;-)  He is looking SO grown up!


  1. I love your attitude - not every day is stellar with a puppy or dog, but your attitude is proving to be a good one for Dante. =) Some in our region have chosen to buy collars for their pups (pink comes to mind) but I am sticking with the blue our region gives out to all the pups. Like you, I need to remember she is not mine. In fact, everything we buy her is the CCI blue on purpose as a reminder. Maybe the next dog, but for my first one, I constantly am reminding myself she is going back. Dante's collar does look great on him!! =)

    1. Thank you! That is very sweet of you. I am trying my best. :-)
      That was my original intent. I really didn't know the design until we got home, and I still haven't decided if I should let him in public with it on! Haha ;-)

  2. 40 pounds! What a big and handsome boy Dante is! I love the ferret photo. Joy just got her 16 week shots yesterday so we celebrated by going to a pet store and we had a similar experience!

    1. Yes, he IS a big boy!

      Yay for Joy! She is growing up fast too!


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