Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So Long, Crate!

Yes, I am just now sending back Dante's little crate he flew here in.  I really should have sent it back over a month ago.

I had set up Dante's wire crate in the house and moved this one to my car, so I wouldn't have to keep moving it back and forth.  And I kind of forgot about it.  I keep telling myself that at least I am getting it done before his five month birthday on Saturday.  But I have no excuses.

I am a sentimental person, and so I had to pull this up:  my first ever picture of Dante at the cargo pick-up in the airport:

Dante helped me take it apart and clean it.  He even tried it out one last time.

Dante all hunched over in his little crate.

I love his face in this picture!  This is Dante 110%

He was very interested in the hose, and loved when I sprayed it on his paws.

Trying to figure out why his crate is flooded.
 I tethered him so he couldn't reach it while I actually cleaned it, and he was not too happy that he could not play in the soapy water.  

As you can see, he is laying all the way at the end of his leash

Ahh, he's growing up.

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