Friday, June 8, 2012

Catching Up

I have lots to catch up on.  First off, I have not posted because my family has been out of town for the last week.  We traveled 14 hours by car back where we moved from in December to attend my sister's graduation and visit friends.

It was a bit too much to take Dante with us, so we dropped him off on our way at another raiser's house about 4 hours from ours.  This was actually a good thing as Dante has not been in the car that long since I have had him.  

Dante got to spend a week with nine month old puppy, Margo.  When we arrived Dante and Margo hit it off right away, and were off playing before Dante even knew we slipped out.  

Margo and Dante are both LGX, but couldn't look more opposite.

Margo's raiser said that Dante did really well with his walking and commands, especially the "speak" and "quiet" commands.  But that he was trying to steal socks and shoes off the floor.  I am glad that he didn't have any issues I was not aware of come up.  They also got to go swimming at the lake together.  Dante LOVES to swim and as you can see, wanted to go back in:

Dante got to go to work with Margo's raiser for three days, and being home schooled, that was new to him.  

Margo's raiser is also a veterinarian.  Dante was scheduled to get neutered in about 10 days, but she offered to do it for us.  So this morning  he was neutered.  My family picked him up around 3:00pm and he was pretty out of it, but still recognized them and was really excited.  He even got excited when he recognized he was home.

He is doing really well now, and was playing (quietly), and even started acting up.  ;-) 

I will not fly home until the 21st, so there will be few, if any, post on here for the next 2 weeks.  I am really starting to miss him, and can't wait to see my not-so-little buddy!

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