Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 Over the last couple weeks (or months), Dante started having trouble with the "jump" command.  If he decided to attempt to "jump" at all, he would always "army crawl" and wait to lift his back legs until the last possible minute.  A few days ago I decided to give him a running start to jump into the car and viola!  he did it perfectly.  So, over the last couple days every time I told him "car" I would allow him to start a few steps away.  

Today we were out and I saw this flower bed and thought we'd give his new technique a try.  He "jumped" perfectly the first time I asked without me having to be over excited and encouraging.  He even "sat" and did a "let's go" walking on it!  *Throws Dante a puppy party*  And this is the narrowest surface I have ever asked him to "jump" on!  Yay for little big successes! :-)


  1. Yay - way to go Dante! That's great!

  2. I LOVE it when the light turns on in their adorable furry heads!!! YAY FOR DANTE!!!!

  3. I love reading your blog and everything you are doing with Dante!! Jake and I just got a puppy and we are training him as well!! I am very impressed with everything you have taught Dante!

    1. Thanks Lauren! And Trigger is absolutely adorable!


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