Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Fair

Being relatively new around here, we really wanted to check out the fair.  I debated weather or not to take Dante, and after talking it over with my mom decided to.  I mean, you get in for free until 2pm, so if Dante needs to leave in 5 minutes, you're not out anything.  And really, if they let you in for free how many people can there really be?  Yeah, we were right.  It was pretty small - so not like NC's.  I told my mom as we were leaving, "If we didn't bring Dante, this would not have been worth coming to."  Apparently, there is another Fair that is much bigger and nicer that was a month or two ago.  But I digress.

It was perfect for Dante.  Just enough with the new sights and smells, but hardly any people to over-stimulate him.

But anyways, human-standard dinkyness (is that a word?) can still be a lot to take in for a puppy.  But Dante did really well.  We stopped every little bit to sit and let him take it in, and practice commands on different surfaces. 

First day without the boot! After 3 months! And I can start walking him again! Can you tell I'm happy?

 We only stayed about 45 minutes, and it was just enough to expose Dante, but short enough not to "lose" him and to end on a good note.  

See, really no people.  At least we know that this will be perfect for all of my future pups!
If Dante behaved as well at home as he does in public, he'd be set!  ;-)  But in all seriousness, I am so thankful that this pup handles his outings fantastically!


  1. You are not kidding - no people! What a great first experience - there were plenty of new sights and smells, I am sure. Way to set him up for success!! Yay!

    1. Oh, yes, I don't think we say more than 65 people the whole time. And I'm sure we'll be back every year as long as I keep raising! :-)

  2. Great job! I'm sure there was lots of food on the ground. 8-)


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