Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pet Fair at the YMCA

A few weeks ago, our YMCA contacted us and asked us to set up a booth about CCI at their annual "Pet Fair."  The YMCA has been so supportive of Dante and love when I bring him (they even put an article about him/CCI/puppy raising in their newsletter).  They know that we are looking for puppy raisers so I was super excited that they asked us.  So, last weekend was the day.  

We had a great time telling people about CCI, and Dante had an even better time showing off some of his commands and greeting the people and pets who came! 

People greeting

Dante was a little unsure about this guy at first, but he was super sweet and Dante got comfortable fast.

Search and Rescue dogs - they were SO well behaved.  Hopefully D learned something from them!

I think we got more interest in puppy raising from the people from the Therapy org. across from us :-)

Local K9 police officer came and did a demo for everyone.

The dog got really excited as soon as the suit came out.  His handler said he knows it means he gets to work :-)

Selling kisses for a local shelter.  D should have been back there - seriously, this dog and his tongue.

Taking a much needed break with some peanut butter.

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