Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I love walking my boy!  In the last two weeks I have been able to start walking him again after breaking my ankle in June.  Oh, I forgot just how much I missed it.  Dante is such a great walker!  Today we walked the park where my sister and my jump rope team meets (still can't do that yet - hence D and I took a walk), and it was so refreshing.  

Dante loves, loves, loves his walks.  He is always so happy and well behaved - checking in with me every minute or two.

There were really cute book sculptures behind the library where we were.  We took some time to pose and practice a few of his commands.

He doesn't really know the "up" command yet, but I have practiced luring him up a few times.  He loves it as you can tell!

Good literature choice, D! (and nice "jump" and "sit" as well!)

And then there were the bestest ever benches to practice "under" and "jump" (albeit a little distracted!) on - nice and sturdy with solid footing for him!

We finished the park loop, stopping to do some "jumps" on this drain.

The closest to a head tilt I'm ever gonna get outta this boy :-)

We walked along the busier road some before stopping at the playground.  Dante sat nicely while I was on the swing set and then got to do his most favorite thing:

The dog LOVES the slide!  We then walked up on the playground.  I sat on one of the steps and Dante immediately jumped onto me in a "lap" and snuggle up against my shoulder.  it was the sweetest thing! And there was no way I could have corrected him for doing it off command.  We sat there for almost ten minutes snuggling.  Goodness, I'm gonna miss this little stinker! ;-)  My only request is that his forever person appreciates his stellar snuggling skills! :-)

These are my favorite times with Dante - just him and me with nobody stopping us to talk, and just having fun!


  1. I LOVE A SNUGGLING PUPPY!!! I love that he loves the slide! that is too funny!!

  2. Sounds like a great fall day! And Dante is doing so well.


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