Friday, May 24, 2013

Trip to NC

Last week, my family returned home from a trip to North Carolina.  Dante came with us too.  I must sound like a broken record by now, but Dante is such a good traveler.  Thirteen hours in the car each way, and a crazy week including college and seminary graduations, and he did fantastic.  There is such a difference in this boy when he is not bored! ;-)

On this trip, I really realized how solid Dante is in public.  Dante has always been good in public, but in new places he was always rather distracted until he settled in.  This week, he went in and out of dozens of brand new places including friend's homes, hotels, church, an airport, college campuses, grocery stores, and restaurants, and Dante acted as if he had been there a billion times.  For the first time, it felt easy to take him somewhere new and busy.  As much as we still have to work on, this trip has made me really see his strong points and how far we have come together.

At the airport saying goodbye to my sister, on her way to Italy and the UK for the summer.

Dante loves meeting new friends and family

My sister's graduation

Using my purse as a pillow at lunch.  This place was so welcoming of Dante, and even offered water for him.  I said no, as he can't while he is working and I had some in the car for him, but it was really nice just the same!

Mother's Day with the family

PEANUT BUTTER.  Need I say more?

One of the many play dates with friend's dogs

And some fun walks as well!


  1. Hooray for Dante! I love the peanut butter picture :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad he did good!

    Hey, so I was wondering if you would possibly take a look at my blog. It's not great and I only have a couple posts so far but still... :D I'm currently working on convincing my parents to let me puppy raise (non-animal parents, sigh....)and I have a poll on my blog for a puppy raising blog name (if you have any ideas please let me know)! Thanks!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you have your blog up! I look forward to checking it out! Haha, I'm currently trying to figure out a new name for this blog that is less Dante-specific. ;-) I don't know if you live close enough, but maybe you could attend a GDB graduation or at least a puppy meeting with your parents. Seeing these special puppies in person really brought my parents on board :-)

    2. Haha, thanks. Yeah it took a while but it's up now. Hmm, yeah. I love 'Days with Dante' but I suppose you do need something a little less specific. I have a huge long list- I'll post them on my blog. Feel free to use any of them. :D

      That's what I was thinking. I live an hour away from the Oregon GDB campus and our local puppy raising club is right here. I've been trying to talk my parents into going to a graduation or club meeting for months but they keep coming up with excuses. I really, really wanted to go to the club meeting tonight, all 20 puppies and their raisers are meeting for a little obedience training and then one of the leaders doggie graduates is visiting and her handler is going to talk to the group about her experiences and whatnot. But my mom was like, "No... I can't take you and I don't think that's something your dad would be willing to do... and it's really not that important since we're not planning on raising a puppy in the near future." Be prepared for a rant or two on my blog. :D But I decided that for my birthday in October I'm going to ask to go to a graduation and a club meeting. Both are completely free so I'm sure they'll love the idea! ;)


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