Sunday, June 2, 2013

T Minus 5 Days

The countdown for Lil' Mr. Moray's arrival is on.  Friday at 8:50am is the scheduled time of his plane landing at our city's airport. 

I have been trying to warn Dante that he is about to be de-throned.  Hehehe!  I think he is going to love having a little brother for a few months!  

Preparations for Moray are almost through.  Last week I was on a trip with my church youth group, and my mom picked up a bag of puppy food, and a couple other things.  Yesterday, Dante had puppy class (here, we pause for a picture from yesterday's class).

CCI puppies Young and Dante waiting for instruction on what to do next.

Since we attend class at a pet store, we had Moray's I.D. tag made and picked up a few more baby puppy toys.  Our Puppy Program Manager said Moray's paperwork and puppy starter kit are in the mail, so aside from a few things that have to be puppy-proofed, I think we are set.  I have started reviewing the puppy raising manual, and it is a good refresher.  

That awesome moment when toys you were going to buy anyways are on sale...

Because sometimes I have to flip through the manual just to find this cartoon to reassure myself that Dante is not the only one...
  I am sure many of you are curious to how the blog is going to be handled.  First of all, yes, I am going to continue blogging about raising Dante, and now Moray.  This leads to some inevitable changes as "Days with Dante" is a little too, umm... Dante specific (something I should have thought about last year).  After many going backs between the pro's and con's, I have decided to keep everything on one blog.  While there will be some design changes going on over the next little while, our URL ( will remain the same.  That is our PSA for the day, so just bear with us if things are a little funky in the next week or so.  ;-)

I think you can probably tell the excitement level over here is going up day by day.  Thankfully, I'm channeling that into extra training time with Dante, working on cementing his last couple commands, and rereading some good puppy training material :-)  Only five more days until there will be THREE CCI puppies in this town!

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  1. Yay! Very exciting! Can't wait for pictures of Moray!


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