Friday, June 14, 2013

Randomness (And Sickness)

Walking my baby boy at the park.  Sorry for the poor quality of photos from the iPod.

Sometimes you just have to plop down in B&N and read kid books to your dog.  :-)

Birdwatching (NOT lunging or barking, mind you) on the pond
Every night, 30 minutes before dinner time, Dante camps out in front of the food bin.  Just to be sure he doesn't miss his second-favorite-time-of-the-day (breakfast is first).  This dog's stomach is the most accurate clock ever.

First time with his cape on!  (it tastes really good!)

Happenings this week in no particular order:
  • Dante is growing to like Moray more this week.  He is initiating play, sometimes getting a little too rough for Moray's size, but overall doing really well.  He is learning a lot of patience, and is starting to show more maturity too.  I don't want to jinx it, but I think there is a light at the end of this tunnel  ;-)  Haha!
  • Turn In is in nine weeks.  NINE.  WEEKS.
  • Moray is consistently responding to his name from everyone in my family, and has almost mastered "Sit."  He is also learning to accept his cape and gentle leader, and has been introduced to "down."
  • Moray HATES the heat.  The last few days it has been in the high 90's with feel-like temps of over 100 degrees.  Poor Moray refuses to walk outside, and I have had to carry him every "Hurry" break.  Once outside, he lunges at the end of his leash, whining to go back in.
  • As a follow up on this post, Dante and I empty his toy box frequently and he has to bring all the toys back to me.  He is getting quite good :-)
  • On the down side, last night Moray started coughing on and off for a few hours.  We thought he had something caught in his throat, so we took him to the emergency vet around 9:30pm (didn't get home till 1:00am).  They checked him, and didn't find anything (of course he wouldn't cough while with the doctor), so they were about to send us home, and told us to just keep an eye on him.  As we were checking out, he started up again.  We were really glad they heard it, and they took him back again for X-rays.  Turns out he has kennel cough.  :(  He is on antibiotics and cough suppressants, and while it is not extremely serious, his poor coughing sounds horrid.  
  • While there, they weighed him again.  He gained TWO pounds in six days!  Makes me feel better, as he still is not eating but half of his food.
  • I am REALLY hoping Dante doesn't catch kennel cough.  Unfortunately, it is too late to try to keep them separated.  
  • And on that note, for precautionary reasons, Dante is also prohibited from outings for the next week just to make sure he does not spread it.  Pray I don't go insane ;-)


  1. My second pup Dahlia had kennel cough. She was on house arrest for 2 weeks, longest two weeks ever. Lol Hope Moray feels better soon and that Dante doesn't catch it!

  2. Hope Moray gets better soon its no fun when they are sick my one career change Agent is at the vet tonight cause he got sick with severe diarrhea

    1. Oh no! Sending thoughts Agent's way!

  3. Ohh, kennel cough is no fun :( I hope Moray gets better very quickly, and I hope Dante does not catch it! Has he had the bordatella vaccine?

    1. Thanks! Yes, Moray got vaccinated the day before he came here, and we think that because they use a live strain for vaccination, put with the stress of traveling, that is why he got it. Either way, it isn't much fun :( At least he is still playing and acting pretty normal.

  4. Moray is too cute! Hope his cough passes quickly. My little guy hated the heat the first few weeks he was with me...I wonder if the younger pups don't have a harder time regulating their body temp? Now he is much more acclimated at 11 weeks. I keep telling him he better get used to it cuz he's a southern dog!

  5. I am so sorry to read about Moray and Kennel Cough. Haddie got it after ... going to the kennel while in heat ... and it is the worst sound ever!! She had been vaccinated for it, but according to our Trainer, there is a new strain that went around our neck of the woods where the vaccine would not help. Poor little guy, but good job taking him in right away since he is so little!! I hope the meds have kicked in enough and he is no longer coughing. Sorry for house-arrest. Thinking of you!!!


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