Sunday, June 30, 2013


Life around here is busy, but good.  Do you know how amazing it is to have a puppy who doesn't have to pee every five minutes?  Yeah, I have learned to appreciate even an 11 week old puppy's bladder control.  ;-)

 Moray got to meet my rabbit, Che Bella, for the first time this week.  He was enthralled with her, and very upset that I kept him confined.

Moray also took his first trip to our neighborhood swimming pool.  I was expecting him to be more interested, but he took it all in stride.  I apologize for the extreme poor quality of the photo as the only camera I had was on my (non-smart) phone.  It must have something to do with being my second puppy, but I have not taken near as many photos as when Dante was little.  I need to remedy this as he is growing up waaaaay too fast!

CCI puppy Young arrived last Thursday for a 10 day stay.  The boys are having lots of fun playing.  Yesterday, our friend and his German Shepherd, Izzy came over too.

Pretty much sums up my life right now

They play hard, but they also know how to be focused and work together:

47 days and counting down until my Golden boy's Turn In.  Treasuring even the mundane things we do.

This Cutie Pie.  Oh my!  He is a very sweet boy when he wants to be, but when he doesn't... let's just say, lucky for him he is so darn cute!  ;-)


  1. Ummm, your hands are kinda full!! How did you even get this typed?! Perhaps you are not taking as many puppy pictures not because he is puppy #2, but because he turns into a shadow in most photos? I am still finding it hard to photograph Kolby - they need to make a special, compact camera that will make the lighting perfect JUST for us!!!

  2. Haha, I know! The only decent photos I have of him are with my mom's Nikon D90, which 99% of the time isn't practical to have while trying to juggle an 11 week old puppy.

  3. haha, wow you sure are busy! I can't quite fathom having THREE cci pups all at the same time. Although, admittedly it would be easier than having 3 non-cci pups since these dudes tend to all be so well behaved... ;) Looking forward to meeting y'all on the 20th!!

  4. Dante is the most beautiful shade of dk golden brown. And Moray has the cutest little face.

  5. That is something I do love about CCI dogs, they know when to play and they know when it's business! And it's all because of such great puppy raisers as yourself! Thank you!


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