Friday, June 7, 2013


WARNING!  There are many, MANY extremely cute photos to follow.  Continue at your own risk.

Moray arrived this morning!  I woke up at 6am, an hour before my alarm was to go off.  Really? I thought, I really did want to sleep as long as I could.  I check my email, etc., before checking Moray's flight status from Atlanta.  On time!  Okay, maybe I check it several times and watch it change from "on time," to "boarding," and finally "in transit."

My mom, sister and I arrived  a few minutes after the plane landed, so we had about a ten minute wait for them to bring him over. 

The first thing I said was "He is so tiny!"  You forget how little they are because they grow so darn fast!

Moray with my mom

After a few cuddles, it was time to go outside and try to Hurry.  Moray decided that there is allotta world out there he has got to see first, and chose to explore the parking lot and chew his leash a little first.  ;-)

He finally did Hurry.  It surprised me that he went right on the concrete AND with a toy in his mouth!

Maybe this is TMI, but this is a dog blog for crying out loud ;-)

 Moray is so fearless and independent.  When Dante came he was so "lost" for a week or so before he settled in, so to see Moray's spunk coming out already is a lot of fun.

On our way home

Once home, it was time to introduce him to Dante.  Dante did really well with him and the two played for a little while.

Bath time, food, a few minutes of play, and Moray was out for a while.

This toy is becoming somewhat of a tradition.  It was Dante's favorite when he was little so we had to get one for Moray as well.

Moray woke up after about an hour, we had a little more play time outside, and he is currently serenading me from his kennel.  He will settle down just fine soon enough.  

Welcome home, little buddy!  We have quite the adventure ahead of us!


  1. You were right! Seriously adorable!!!! :D

  2. Adorable! I can't wait to follow your progress!

  3. Hi! I'm a puppy raiser too and part of KSDS family. I received received my 4th PIT recently (he's 14 weeks), Romeo! Can't wait to hear more about your little guy! Come on over to our blog and too if you'd like!

  4. My word you weren't kidding! He is killer adorable. I can't wait to see his progress!! Great pictures too btw...


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