Monday, June 24, 2013

Awkward Moments

I think that any puppy raiser, or dog person for that matter, has their moments of awkwardness.  While this list is not at all conclusive, I think it is a good start.

That Awkward Moment When...
  •  ...You spend several minutes trying to convince a stranger that the Gentle Leader is not a muzzle, and that it doesn't bother your puppy at all, and on cue, your puppy starts rubbing his face up and down your leg before melting into a puddle of unhappy, face-rubbing puppy.
  • ...A stranger waves his had in front of your face because he thinks you're blind.
  • ...An employee yells from across the store, "Why do you have a rubber band on its face?"
  • ...The man in front of you at the grocery store compliments your puppy's looks, then turns and says to his companion, "He's okay for a furry, shaggy one that is."
  • ...You wave to your neighbor, forgetting about the freshly-filled poop bag in that same hand.
  • While we're on the subject... You run into the store, and forget about the volume of your voice as you describe the consistency of your puppy's poop to your mom, and any unidentified objects in said substance.
  • ...Your puppy is giving you The Eyes because he wants ice cubes from Starbucks, and the man sitting next to you says, "If my dogs were in here, they would actually be happy."
  • ...A group of people gather around and start gushing over and talking about your puppy without saying anything to you.  Do I engage, or walk away???
  • ...Your puppy has a UTI, and you have spent the last two days cleaning up messes every seven minutes.  You wake up the next morning and realize that your entire dream was cleaning pee off the kitchen floor.
  • ...You're giving a presentation about Canine Companions at a school, demonstrating some of your puppy's commands.  You put out your hand like you're about to ask for a "shake," but instead say "speak" to show how we can test if they are really listening to us.  Your puppy instead shakes your hand.  Everyone laughs, so he does it again and again... and again for the attention.
 What funny and/or awkward situations have you and your puppy been in lately?


  1. I have had many funny and embarrassing moments with my pups. Embarrassing would be when pups have an accident in the store. Funny would be one time at church with my first pup we were asked to stand up if we believed in God soon as he said that wilbur who had been somewhat asleep stood up everyone had to laugh.

  2. Hahaha - this is awesome!! Well done, and sorry. =)

  3. You are too funny!! I love all of these!

  4. Hahaha!!! Oh goodness these are funny. As far as embarrassing moments, most fresh in my mind was the time a few weeks ago when Novel decided to disobey "Here" at training class. Instead, he charged over to the nearest Doberman, stole his toy, and proceeded to run in crazy circles around the training room, playing keep away. Yikes.

  5. When we moved and went to a new church first time with guide puppy, the usher thought my daughter was blind. As he was taking her and the dog to the youth group (separate building)he was saying, "Now watch it, we're coming up on some steps, there's three going down." My daughter didn't know what to say. When they got inside he whispered to the youth pastor my daughter was blind. Everyone was introducing themselves to her as if she was blind! And she just couldn't say anything. We laugh about that story now. We got it straightened out when the youth pastor came for a home visit, and saw my daughter painting the living room wall!


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