Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We have made it to day five already!  The last few days have been a bit of an adjustment for everyone.  

This is the first time that my family has had two puppies living in our house.  Sure, we have puppy sat before, but even Dante knows it is different this time.  It has taken a few days, but I think we are settling into a routine.  

Dante was not quite sure what to make of Moray.  Somehow, he knew that Moray was here to stay.  Maybe it was because I brought him home, instead of like when Young was here, his people brought him.  Dante has been doing very well overall.  The first three days or so, he played a very little bit with Moray, but for the most part avoided him.  When they did interact, Dante was not sure what to do with the little ankle-biter.  He would give me the most confused look, and then gently nose Moray's belly, making him somersault.  

"Why did you do this to me, Mom?"

Pushing Moray over. 

Dante has been fantastic about sharing, and even leaves Moray's baby toys alone.  He has shown a little jealousy, like on Saturday, I was sitting on the floor with Moray, and called Dante "Here" from another room.  Dante came bounding around the corner, fully intending to comply until he spotted Moray in my lap, and then he turned and walked away.  Over the last couple days, he has been realizing that life continues on, he still gets his one-on-one training, cuddle, and public outing time with me, and he has been doing much better in that aspect.  

On Friday night Young's raisers invited Dante and I to attend a horse show with them.  Not only were all the distractions of people, horses, and pet dogs great for him, but it was his first time working alongside another Puppy in Training in public.  Both of them did fantastic!

Watching the warm up ring.  Unfortunately, the only picture I took.

Moray is your typical 8 week old puppy.  He is settling in pretty well.  He has been having a few accidents every day, but that has mostly been my fault.  But I can't say I'm not looking forward to when he can hold his bladder for more that 45 minutes!  ;-)  

On Friday, we took him to the vet just to weigh him (he doesn't weigh enough to activate our bathroom scale), and even though he had his first round of vaccines before he left CCI, they wanted to do an initial check up.

Moray is a very independent and feisty little guy!  He is learning not to throw a fit when he is confined to his X-pen, and not bark and whine when his leash prevents him from getting where he wants.  ;-)  He is getting very good at making eye contact when I call his name, has a good concept of "Hurry," and is learning "Sit."

He is obsessed with Dante's bone.


  1. Changes for everyone indeed! I too am at that spot only plus an infant!

  2. What a chunk of puppy! Very very cute! I know what you mean about Dante being a little reserved and jealous. Wrangell is that way with Piper, they both vie for my attention sometimes. But now they nap together and play for a few minutes when Wrangell "feels like it". Moray seems like Piper - independent, confident and active. Piper can be a little bit of a tyrant, which I am having to be firm with (No, I'M the boss). I look forward to updates.


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