Friday, October 18, 2013

Life Lately

This semester of school has been very busy and demanding for me.  Unfortunately, that means that keeping up with the blog has fallen low on my list of priorities.  This kills me because I do not want to neglect to record all of the firsts and fun things that Moray is doing and learning. Just a few of the things that Moray has done in the last few weeks:

My sister got married two weeks ago which meant a 14 hour road trip.  Moray was dropped off along the way to spend the week with a friend, fellow puppy raiser, and blogger, Katherine.  He had a fabulous time and barked at me in opposition of going home for 15 minutes after we got back in the car.  A little attitude is starting to shine through in my opinionated, but still sweet boy!

My sister and new brother-in-law
Moray and Katherine

Moray turned 6 months old.  

Photo credit: Becca

Photo credit: Becca

Moray is now attending three classes a week with me.

First day of chemistry class.

He has also started going on more public outings, and we are adding more time and upping distraction levels.

College visiting with my and my friend.
First visit to the "real" mall.

Grocery shopping at Whole Foods.  Go check out this post to see Dante at the same age, same place!

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  1. Your kidding right?! wow, six months old already.... time flies! He's growing up into a very handsome little guy and I'm excited to hear more about what you guy's are doing. :D


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