Thursday, July 26, 2012

Museum and IMAX Fun!

Today was an extremely busy day for Dante!  We started with a quick trip to the doctor's where Dante was so good that hardly anyone noticed him until we got up to leave.  It is always the best compliment when people say "I didn't know there was a dog in here!"  

We then met the rest of my family for lunch at Panera Bread.  It was really, really busy, but we found a quiet spot along the wall and Dante settled very nicely.  

Look closely and you see the treat pouch next to Dante's paw.  He didn't touch it! :-)

During lunch we decided to go to an IMAX movie.  Let me just say that it is so nice to be able to take my Seven Month Boy somewhere on a whim without having to plan out every little detail!  He is getting so good at being in public!

We decided that this would be a good introduction to movies because I wouldn't have to worry about it being super loud and intense with lots of action.  It also wouldn't have the added distraction of lots of food smells and spills on the floor.

I have to share a happy moment that I really appreciated (especially after an extremely rude shop owner we encountered last week).  My dad dropped Dante and I off at the door so that we wouldn't have to walk across the hot pavement.  As we were walking up to the door, I overheard a security officer in a golf cart right in front of the door talk into his radio (I'm assuming to someone inside) and say "There is someone coming in with a dog.  It is a service dog, so leave them alone, it is allowed to be here."  *Happy dance!*  I am so thankful for people who welcome Dante!  And I must say that they were great with him, and either complimented him or didn't say anything at all!

We arrived 30 minutes early so we spent some time in the museum.  This was Dante's first experience in a museum and he did pretty well.  He was very interested in everything going on but still listened well.  We had one incident where we came up to a a taxidermy deer and Dante's super sniffer came out.  He was containing himself very well for a 7 month old pup, but as I tried to walk him away, he barked at it once.  He has come a long way in not barking in the last few weeks, and he hardly barks in public anymore, so I am still vary proud of him.  But I decided that we didn't need to continue on to these...

So Dante and I settled on a picture of the rest taken by my sister.  We'll get there...eventually. :-)

Dante is rather unimpressed at his first glimpse of the museum.

Dante practiced his "under":

Note the dropped leash!  He's getting good!

And some more "under"s:

And then he tried to read what all this stuff was about:

But rather unsuccessfully.  So he decided to pose for the camera (or maybe just slouch his "sit" and look in my general direction)

After 20 minutes it was time to head to the IMAX theater!  

Dante was very good on the elevator and as we stood in line for 10 minutes:

But then he had to ham it up for his adoring public! ;-)  I think it is so funny how many people ask to take his picture!

The theater was only about 1/3 full and we had lots of room so that Dante could have an empty seat space.  

Taking pictures WHILE they are asking you to turn off your cameras will warrant you a "please put your camera away now" talk.  They just don't understand that this pup has a blog and must keep up with his happenings ;-)

Before it started:

I wish that I could have gotten pictures of Dante during the film.  He was SOOOOO cute!  We saw "To the Arctic," and Dante was so interested in it.  He sat up every few minutes and watched the screen, and whenever he heard or saw the animals, his ears perked up, but he behaved so well and never got really excited.  He fell asleep about halfway through. I think I enjoyed watching Dante watch it more then watching it myself! :-)

It was perfect for a puppy's first film - not too loud and only 45 minutes.  I am so happy with how Dante did!

After we left, we made a quick stop at Whole Foods.  This was Dante's first time here, and he did a little more pulling on his leash then I perfer, but overall very well.

Today was one of Dante's busiest days as far as outings go.  We still have a lot of work to do, but I am excited about how Dante's training and socialization is coming so far.  It is nice to have a "big puppy" who just goes with the flow and can settle nicely in many different situations!


  1. How exciting! Joy's first(and only, so far) movie was Brave and she had the same reaction whenever she heard the animal noises! Oh, and that is totally unfair about the "no pictures" part. Those people need to get a life and realize that they were in the presence of THE Dante ;D

    1. Hahaha! I'm so glad that Joy enjoyed her movie! I cannot wait to take Dante to another one!

  2. Great job!! Movies are fun with puppies - I enjoyed Haddie's first too. Is Dante a full Golden Retriever? What's it like in the grooming dept for Dante? My kids want a GR next time, but I know I'd be stuck with the grooming. =)

    1. Dante is a cross, but I'm not sure what %. He has actually been GREAT fur-wise. I only brush him 1-2/week and he smells and sheds a lot less then any Labs or Goldens (even PITs) that I have met. I was preparing for the worse, but he has been fantastic! :-)

      I know what you mean, while I would take anything, I'm already thinking about I'll get next!


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