Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dante, Jump!

I had  introduced the "jump" command to Dante a few weeks ago, but we haven't had too many opportunities to practice it.  So, today's outing was focused on going somewhere where Dante could do lots of "jumps!"  So we ended up at - you guessed it - the mall.  The closest mall to us is an outdoor one, so there are lots of benches and low walls that Dante can practice on.  

Ahh, Dante you don't know what your in for! :-)

 I only had to lure him onto the first one, before he remembered what to do, and he did all the rest himself.  I loved this row of benches because I could ask Dante to do something different at each one - at one an "under," the next a "jump," etc.  It is important that I change the command often, so that Dante learns to listen to what I say instead of guess.

Dante was a little uncomfortable on the little kid benches at first, because they were so narrow, but he still "jumped" and settled onto them after a few times.  

Have I mentioned lately what a cuddle bug Dante is? ;-)  As soon as I sat down, he laid down with his paws in my lap. 

And the only thing I can think of when I see this picture is How can someone look at this puppy with his mouth wide open, than ask me why he's wearing a muzzle!  Sheesh!  I don't mind educating people about Gentle Leaders, but when they say it like they think I'm abusing him or don't know how to train him correctly, I get a little annoyed!

But I digress...

After 30 minutes of jumping up and down in 95 degree weather, Dante was tired out and ready for some AC!  We headed to Barnes and Noble since we had some time to kill before my mom came back for us.  Usually I never would feed or give anything (even kibble rewards) to Dante in a restaurant-type setting (because I don't want him to expect or beg for anything when we go out to eat), but I had forgotten to grab his water bowl from the car when my mom dropped us off, so I had no other choice.

I got an ice tea for myself and cup of ice for Dante, but than realized my predicament.  I'm sure the gentleman behind us was wondering the same thing - how am I going to get this to the table?  An (almost healed :) broken ankle = one crutch + Dante's leash = no extra hands.  

A quick scan of the room revealed that one side was completely empty, I decided to take Dante to the table in the corner and leave him there in a "down."  Now before you say "you left an unattended 7 month old puppy at a table!" - I must tell you that  it was only 15 ft. and Dante was hot.  Very hot and tired.  Hot puppy + cold floor = 99.9% chance that he will not move, and knowing this pup, if he does decide to move, he only wants to know what I'm doing.  As I walked away, the afore mentioned gentleman remarked, "Wow, he very well behaved!"  I smiled.  I guess he didn't do the math!  Haha!

I enjoyed my tea.  Dante enjoyed his ice.  And everyone who walked by laughed at the way he crunched it!

Blurry crunching!


  1. Hannah... thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I would love for you to add my blog to your blog list. Thank you for asking. My husband has only had his CCI Hearing dog for a month. We feel so blessed to have Nettie in our lives. We are grateful for puppy raisers such as yourself who through your patience and hard work have given my husband and family such a wonderful and priceless gift. Btw... Dante is darling and I'm looking forward to watching his journey with you!

    1. Awww, thank you! But believe me - these pups bring so much to our lives as well, that I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  2. Dante is such a good looking boy. I had to laugh at the thought of one crutch plus having dante and figuring out how to carry the drinks to a table. that happend to me with my first puppy i had sprained my ankle so he had to learn to walk by my crutches while i also carried a tray of food at school i spent so much time on crutches that year we both got quite good at it lol.

    1. Oh my goodness! I don't think I would have lasted through that very long.

      Today was the first time I had him out by myself (right ankle so I still can't drive) and there were a few times where I wasn't quite sure what to do! hahaha!

  3. So cute! And what a great training opportunity for Dante. He's doing so well!!! Keep up the good work!

  4. What a cutie Dante is. We saw you on the Pet Blogs United blogger profile! My husband and I raise guide dog puppies. CCI has several different commands, it appears. We don't do jump at all!! 8-) I'll be back to see how Dante is doing.


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