Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dante's Trip to the YMCA

Dante has had a pretty slow week this past week by the way of outings.  Thursday was his first day out since the weekend.  My mom took him to the YMCA for the fist time.  He was not behaving very well, so they only stayed about fifteen minutes.  But the people at the Y loved Dante, and even asked to get some pictures of him for their newsletter.  As soon as the camera came out, Dante couldn't have been more perfect.  He is such a ham!

Yesterday we went back, and Dante was (almost) perfect (maybe because we were taking his picture ;-)!  It was also really nice that it was almost empty - more room and options to be able to let Dante check everything out!

He wasn't very interested in the huge balls:

Dante got to check out the treadmills:

FINALLY a good sit!  I knew it was in him somewhere!

And then go on them (stationary) and practice some of his commands:

He got to check out the elliptical machines.  He was so funny because when I released him to "check it out" he stepped up with his front paws and looked back as if to say "I'm ready for my picture!"  

Dante also got to practice holding a "down" next to moving equipment:

Dante posing again.  If this whole service dog thing doesn't work out, he needs to go into modeling ;-)

 Dante did so well at the YMCA!  We are still taking his outing pretty slowly, so we decided that we would come back another time to check out the pool and gymnasium areas.

He has hit his "teenage" stage full force the last two weeks, and his behavior (at home and out) is hit or miss.  Sometimes he is great, but more so than not, he acts as if he has forgotten everything he knows.  Right now I am so thankful that we did not rush his commands, but really spent time enforcing the ones he knew (he knows 16 out of the 30 that I will teach him!).  It's making this time a little easier!

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