Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Fun

Moray has participated in many things in the last few weeks.  Two weeks ago the day was spent doing all things Fall related.  First up was the corn maze!  Moray did very well.  He is really starting to show me just how solid he is becoming.  He walked very nicely on his leash even when I knew he wanted to check things out at his pace, not mine.  He was also very brave and went up stairs to a platform that was all wire, so you could see straight to the ground. 

Some time was spent admiring the pumpkins and fall displays at the farmer's market just next door.

That night Moray attended his very first movie.  I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I decided to bring him to an over two-hour film for his first time, but he did fantastic and after the first ten minutes of watching the screen, fell promptly asleep for the whole thing.  The best part: he didn't show any sensitivity to the noise!  Something we have been working on desensitizing to for a while.

The next morning was puppy class, and then a trip to a fall festival at a church in the city.  It was not all that exciting -- just working around people, trying to be calm for greeting, and oh!  A very pink fire truck that was in need of an extra cute model!

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