Thursday, December 5, 2013

Puppy Adventures

(Tonight's post comes to you courtesy of inclement weather causing the cancellation of tomorrow's classes, which means no homework to finish right now!)

Once a month the raisers and Canine Companions puppies in my are get together.  We now have three puppies on program in my area (insert happy squeals).  November's meet-up took place at our outdoor mall, and was exciting because it was our newest puppy, Hardy's, first time with us.

Hardy, with Young in the back

We practiced calm greeting, settling, and took a walk -- stopping periodically to work on our skills: from "sit," to "jump," and everything in between.

Left to right: Moray, Hardy, and Young
The puppies were at three months, seven months, and eleven months, and seeing the differences in each stage side by side was so much fun.  I will admit that I had the "bad boy" for the evening.  Young is mature enough to know it was working time, Hardy is young enough to be just a little aloof, and my still-unaltered tween was just a little on the crazy side.  In his defense, Moray tries so very hard to be a good boy, listen, and keep his attention on me.  He self-corrects himself when he breaks his "sit" command, and those eyes just flash back and forth from my face, to the others, to the treat pouch on my hip.  So precious!  Even at his adolescent stage, he still has such a sweet innocence that I adore.  As if he doesn't realize he has the option to disobey me yet.  We shall see how long that lasts!

I love our mini Canine Companions group and the support and camaraderie that come with it!

We tried putting them all on the bench.  I told you I had the bad boy...

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