Sunday, December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving is over, December is here, the tree and lights are up, and only ten weekdays days stand between me and Christmas break.  It is easy to wish away the days and weeks until (fill in the blank) happens, but right now I am cherishing this past week.

On our way home from the airport last Monday.

It has come with some adjustments for all of us, but has been so, so sweet.  

I have been surprised by how much Dante has grown and matured during his time in Advanced Training.  He is a calmer, more solid dog, interacts much more appropriately with Moray, and has better house manners.

For a little while it was hard not to be disappointed about his release because he is so much better, but there have been a few moments throughout the week where Dante pulls his antics, and I know deep down that his release was the right decision.  Not only the right decision for him, but I think we all do better without the pressure of such high standard to fulfill.  This goofy golden obviously is not going to be stuck in a mold.

Dante is still getting used to his new role as spoiled rotten pet, co-puppy raiser, and warmer of the bed.  He does not quite understand why Moray gets to go on outing and he does not, but he'll get there with the help of the privaleges that have come his way.  *wink*

He did, however, get to come along to pick out our Christmas tree on Friday, and to the tennis courts Thursday afternoon.

Keeping his skills up, and loving not having to wear a gentle leader anymore.
Dante with two of my sisters.

Today I am grateful for the memories we have already made, and the ones that await in the weeks, months, and years to come.


  1. Such a beautiful boy, Dante is! Wherever you take him he will have a huge fan club!
    I am glad things are working out well and just think you get to spend a SECOND Christmas together and more after that :)

  2. I love that bed photo... that is a good privilege to have ;)


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