Thursday, December 12, 2013


 If I had to choose one word to summarize Moray, Sweet would come out without even thinking.  I am not really sure where to start to describe Moray's personality.  He is coming up on his eight month day next week, and that adorable big head and boxy face steals my heart a little more every day.

Moray is easy going and so willing to please.  He makes the best eye contact, and his serious, business-like curiosity as to when that next piece of kibble is coming melts my heart day after day.  My family teases that he "isn't the sharpest tool in the shed," but he is always up to an outing, some play time, learning new commands, or a lazy nap in his sunny spot.  Pretty much whatever you do, he is just ready to go along, no questions asked.

When it was decided to wait until he turns nine months to neuter him, I was not so sure I would be able to wait that long.  Unaltered, male teenage puppies are not really my idea of a fun time.  In fact, I swore a long time ago (ahem...when Dante was at that stage) that I would never be willing to raise a potential male breeder.  I know we are still only entering adolescents, but Moray is the sweetest, most serene puppy almost all the time.  

Sure, he is still a puppy, and the puppy brain make its appearance sometimes.  He is a solicitor of attention, and thinks he should personally welcome everyone who walks into a store.  TYBAR (Tuck Your Butt And Run) still comes out, and crazy eights are run around the dining room table and into the family room sometimes.  But that will subside with age and experience.  He is still so innocent, and I truly believe the thought of disobeying me never crosses his mind.  Those are the qualities that make me believe that this sweet boy could really make fantastic service dog, and I truly hope that the Sweetness that is Moray will be something that never subsides.

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