Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Moray

Dear Mor,
You are such a sweet boy!  I love your joy and zest for life, and I also love that you, unlike others in the household, don't roll your eyes when I call you funny names like Mor, but come bounding over to walk through the house between my legs anyways.  
 I love how much you adore your "big brother" Dante, and how you are always trying to be like him.  But I also love how you haven't picked up his bad habbits no matter how many times he yanks that gentle leader off your nose "for you," or tries to make it look like you were the one who stole that dish towel.  I especially love when you dance your Happies (yes, we have coined a new word for Mor's level of joy) after every meal, and how you never get tired of jumping up and wagging your tail in response to anyone's laughter.
First snow.  Yes it's just a dusting, but that's all you can expect from the south!
I love your sweet, innocent heart and love of life.  Bless your heart, you may not be the fastest learner I've ever met, but by golly you love to learn and work!
And as much as I correct you for being distracted, I do love how you are not afraid to make everyone your new best friend, and let them know they are special.
As much as I tease you about how much goes unnoticed while you lead your happy-go-lucky life, I have a love/hate relationship with how you always seem to know the difference between when I'm testing you intentionally, and when challenges just happen to pop up.  I love how you are teaching me to be a better puppy raiser and handler.
Ignoring cookies like a pro.
And I love how you forgive over and over when I do make mistakes.  I love how you let me know if I've pushed you too far, and how you are always happy to backtrack and try again; whether by your fault or mine.
perfect "up" and "wait."
While some times over the last nine months have been rough, I consider it a true privilege to be your puppy raiser and cannot believe our time together is already halfway over.  I look forward, although slightly sad, to our next nine months and everything we have to explore and learn about together.


  1. I can't believe he's 9 months already! It seems like just last month he was that adorable sweet little puppy who climbed Roan Mt. with me and stole the hearts of my ecology class :) I love that he hasn't lost his (almost) matchlessly adorable puppy face ;)


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