Monday, February 24, 2014

My Buddy

This is a blog about all things puppy raising, but this is also the blog started because of my dear Mr. Dante.  So, you all get occasional updates about my golden boy whether you want to or not! Ha!
 Dante has settled into life as a pet fairly well.  I think his biggest hurdle to overcome was getting used to being home a lot more.  When he was in training he lived for public outings.  He loves to explore new places, but with a crazy school schedule, and Dante being on pet status now, it's hard to make time for special places to take him.  
Last week I took Dante to our outdoor mall for a Starbucks date and some walking in unusually nice weather.  I think I have forgotten how many people used to stop me and comment about Dante's good looks! ;-)  I am being honest when I say that no less than ten people stopped to tell me how beautiful he is during the 20 minutes we sat on the patio.  And yes, Dante heard every word and it all went to his head!
Dante is so happy when he is out!  I have been teaching and building on some fun things that he had learned in Advanced Training (more on that later).  Dante is a true golden (fine golden/lab cross, whatever), and loves to have something in his mouth all the time.  So I asked him to "hold" things for me while we walked and walked.  He is so proud of himself too!
Stopping to be rubbed by little children, and watching the water fountain with that sweet smile, make for a simple, but oh so fun afternoon with my favorite buddy!

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  1. Yay! I love getting updates about BOTH of your beautiful boys. Especially this handsome fellow. ;D


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