Saturday, February 22, 2014

Out of the norm outings always seems to come in spurts around here.  In the last two weeks Moray has gotten to experience and go to several different places outside of our usual schedule of classes, church, more classes, or the occasional grocery or Target trip.  
 Moray has been to just about every government class all year long, so it was only right that he got to accompany us on a field trip to our county's courthouse last week.  This was only his second time downtown in the city, and he did fairly well.  He was rather distracted by the different sights and smells compared to what he gets in our town, and I think that I will have to make it a point to take him downtown once or twice more to get him completely comfortable.

One thing that Moray is always amazing at is "hurrying" wherever I tell him to.  He didn't miss the lack of grass, and willing did his business right on the pavement.  All those hours of standing at the bottom of the driveway with a whiny puppy are sweetly paid off at times like these!
Many times a successful and pleasant outing is a direct result of how the public relates to us and treats us.  Sometimes we are unwelcome places, or they hassle me about having a puppy.  No matter, whenever I take a puppy to a new place, I cannot help but think about that, if only in the back of my mind.  This was a great trip from this point.  Security was great; they did not make either Moray or I go through the metal detector -- just wanded me down, and did not mess wth Moray at all.
On the elevator
Moray was not exactly on his best behavior during our time there.  He was far from horrid, but defitinely reminded me that we have a ways to go in his training.
Of course, he couldn't stay that way for long.  I will admit to being slightly annoyed with him.  Not that I sould have been, because Moray is still just a puppy and cannot be expected to be 100% solid in everything.  We needed to make a stop at Whole Foods before we went home, and Moray decided to be a perfect gentleman the entire time.  Zero pulling on his leash, zero soliciting for attention, and 100% focus.  The perfect positive ending to a very busy day!

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