Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dante Working

This video is not the greatest, but it shows some of what Dante knows.

Some things to note:
  • In the very beginning when I ask Dante to "dress," he start scratching.  he always itches when I first put on his collar/gentle leader/cape.  It usually takes him a good half hour to completely ignore them.  ;)
  • When I tell him "release" from his kennel, he hesitates.  Dante LOVES his crate and sometimes is reluctant to leave it.
  • Dante will sometimes try to read my mind and will go from a "sit" to a "down" over and over again just to see if he'll get praised.  We are still working on this one ;-)
  • He just learned "shake" this week and loves to do it.  He will try to get everyone to do it with him, and now we're working on doing "shake" only on cue.  I guess that's not totally a bad thing!
  • Dante got up from his "down" before I asked him to.  If I walk away too quickly he will do this, but I think he is still doing really well for his age!
  • If I drop the leash before I tell him "here," Dante will always pick up the handle of the leash before coming.  I'm still not sure what to do about this. 
Dante also knows "drop" (whats in his mouth), and will do it with pretty much anything except socks ;-) he know to "wait" for his food until given "okay."  We are up to about 45 seconds for this. 

Overall, I think Dante is doing really well with his commands.  We still have a lot of "fine-tuning" and "cementing" to do that will come with age and practicing everywhere.  

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