Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Ramlings

Jack is starting to accept tolerate Dante and will even get withing a foot or so, of him when he's eating (and distracted).

Progress is the word of the week! They'll be snuggled up together in no time...maybe!

Some of the not-so-fun moments this weekend included an entire day (like all stinking day) of torrential downpours, and standing for two-and-a-half hours in it (yeah, we still can't find any of our umbrellas), trying to get Dante to go #2.  Poor baby had to go so bad, but just couldn't in the rain.  I couldn't bring him in because I knew he couldn't hold it any longer.  We were both shivering, soaking wet (come to find out my "water-proof" jacket isn't so water proof), and Dante was covered in mud by the time we came in.  He got a bath and we were both so exhausted by the end of the day. 

Back to more positive things: I love looking down on this face when I cradle Dante:

He is getting so big.  Sigh, he's as long as my legs already.

No, it's not 75 degrees anymore, the warm weather only 
lasted two days.  I guess that's TN for you... 

This little guy can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions:

I know it's really blurry, but I finally got a picture of him "smiling"

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  1. Ahh, hahahaha ... what CUTE pictures of Dante! What a silly boy. I think my favorite is the one of him hugging the rocking chair to sleep. Kinda backwards, Dante, I think the rocking chair is to rock YOU to sleep. =)


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