Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving: Part 1

I'm so sorry for the delay in posting.  Blogger was giving me trouble, but I finally figured it out and am back up and running (hopefully!).

Two weeks ago Dante left for his first trip with us.  We traveled to the Mountains for Thanksgiving.  What should have been around nine hours turned into twelve (traffic, getting lost), but Dante did amazing.  I was really worried that he was going to get restless, but during the three hours he wasn't sleeping he played with his toys calmly.

We only stopped twice the whole trip, so I was very glad he held out so well.  We got to the hotel about 7:45pm.  When my dad made the reservations a few months ago and told them we would have a service dog in training, they said OK, but they would need an ID and pay a pet deposit.  We were like we'll talk about it when we get there.  When we got there, they were fabulous, and never said a word about him.  

Dante LOVED the hotel.  Oh my goodness,  I have never seen him more excited.  he was over the moon that he was free in a new space, and his crate, bed and favorite toys were there!

He also let me know when it was time to stop doing homework.
 I was a little really worried about getting Dante to "hurry" in the mornings, as our room was the farthest from the entrance.  But, Dante did fine the whole seven minute walk outside each morning (time it, seven minutes is looong when you have a puppy with a full bladder).

On Thursday morning, we went hiking.  Dante did a little more pulling than usual, but it was so new and sometimes hard not to wait, but do it in one big jump.

Trail head
Dante had so much fun, and was so tired out from not just the exercise, but all the new experiences.

Tired, anyone?
I can do ups on weird things!
  Dante did not come downstairs for Thanksgiving dinner, but stayed in his crate unwinding.  But after that, we headed into town to walk around, and enjoy all of the decorations and quiet.


  1. What a fun adventure for Dante and you! It looks like Dante behaved beautifully AND enjoyed himself!

  2. You were at Grandfather Mountain??!! That's less than an hour away from us - we go there all the time! If you ever come back, Novel and I would love to meet up with you :)


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