Friday, December 7, 2012

Thanksgiving: Part 2

On Friday morning, Dante and I made our morning trek to "hurry," and he got to greet the resident dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever, and very sweet, on the way back in.  We went back to our room where Dante did his "I can't believe I'm still here!" dance around the room for 20 minutes.  We met my parents downstairs for breakfast where my mom didn't even realize he was under the table until we got up to leave.  Now that is pretty darn good. ;-)

My family went into town to do some shopping, but Dante and I stayed in our room so that I could get some homework done.  And the cute shops in town aren't exactly doggie tail-friendly (small, not a great amount of space to move around).

"Stop whatever you're doing and come play with me."

My family came back and we went out to lunch, where Dante was an angel again.  I think he was so good because he was never bored; always something new.  But I must say that I was very impressed with the people of this town, as we had not one access issue anywhere we went, or even a question or acknowledgment from any employees - VERY nice!

We then went to Grandfather Mountain.  It was so, incredibly windy.  Poor Dante did not know what to think at first, but trusted me and trekked along anyways.

We walked across the mile-high bridge that was actually moving because it was so windy.  I think Dante did better on it than I did. ;-)

Dante's "why the heck are we here" face.

We then went into the gift shop, where Dante kept his nose to himself, then back out to the car where he "hurried" for me.  I was soooo proud of him (as only a puppy raiser can understand) that he went in such wind.

A little ways down the mountain there is a zoo-et (10-is animals).  CCI puppies are not allowed in real zoos, but only a few of the animals were out, and it was good for him to smell all the smells.

He did get to meet the otters, though.  There were some people up at the  glass watching them play a little ways back.  We went up to the glass, and within a minute, they caught sight of Dante.  They LOVED each other!  They played along the glass for about 10 minutes.  All the people who were around loved seeing it too and, needless to say, got lots of good pictures of the otters that day :-)

As you can see, Dante was a little over-exuberant at first, but settled down pretty well.

Another gift shop/small museum to see, before we called it a day, and headed back to the hotel for dinner and some much needed play and crate time.


  1. That first picture made me laugh because I (well Novel) has that same toy, and I have that same biology book. And then I kept going and laughed even harder when you said how windy it was at Grandfather because I really know how crazy it can get up there :) And then I laughed even harder at Dante and the Otters! OH and the Swinging bridge! I'm glad Dante was so good with it...Novel isn't to sure about it yet ;) And I agree, aren't the people here wonderful as far as access? I feel so lucky to live here :)

    1. Oh, if I had known, I'm sure we could have worked something out. When we lived in NC, we were only about 3 hrs. from there so I have been a few times.

      Yes, I was very happy about access, and many place had "service dogs welcome" instead of just "guide dogs." Funny how the little stuff makes a difference.

    2. And the text book - every home schooler I know has that book too! :-)


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