Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Well, Dante has made it through his very first holiday with us!  It was a slow day for him, but he did really well.

My family went to church early, so Dante didn't have much out-of-crate time before we left, but he didn't whine at all!  After we got home I let him play in the yard, then we watched a movie, and I kinda forgot to feed him his lunch.  Oops!  It wasn't until about 3:30 that I remembered.  I felt SO bad, but Dante just slept away, I guess that's one way you know he's not 100% lab (besides the fact that he looks mostly golden)!  I was surprised that he didn't "remind" me or get grouchy about not getting fed.  I wonder if he'll even notice when he switches to two meals-a-day.  Sorry Little Buddy, your a trooper!

After dinner, we went outside and hunted for our "Resurrection Eggs"  (yes, you're never too old for a good Easter Egg Hunt (-; ).  Dante LOVED this and came all around with me before I turned him loose.

Dante is such a little stinker when he is loose.  He will come running as fast as he can when you call him, get within 2 ft. of you, then veer off to the side.  Just in case I don't already know that he knows what he supposed to do, but he makes sure I know that HE has the choice to do it.  Does any of that make sense? ;-)  I think I have my work cut out for me...

Happy Easter!


  1. Dante! He is just adorable! Is he a 50/50 cross?

    And that veering off thing?- Yeah, Carrie did that too at his age. Haha. The little buger.

    She only did it for about a week or two. I found that running away from her, screaming like a overly-happy-mad-person made her realize that coming to me was just too much fun to pass up. (This is actually something GDB suggests)

    Now, I can pretty much say that her recall is about 100% in any situation.

  2. I'm not sure if he's 50/50, but that is something I am meaning to ask my program manager about. I think he might have more golden in him, but I'm still not sure how CCI's breeding program works yet.
    Haha! That gives me hope. Dante is in the "if you don't show me beforehand what I'm getting for it, I'm not doing it" stage. He has pretty much gotten over my extremely high-pitched voice, but we have been playing a lot of "follow me."

  3. He does look very golden, I wouldn't have known he was a cross if you didn't say!

    GDB didn't tell me Carrie's percentage of golden either. I had to find out on my own which was actually OK because I was able to make contact with her mom's raiser/breeder keeper!

    My puppies all got bored of my puppy voice too! Now I have a variety of voices lol.

    Come is my favorite thing to teach. In my opinion it is one (if not THE) most important thing we teach them. Dante will definately get there in no time!

    1. Yeah, the only real "labbie" feature he has is his tail. I love that about him! And his adult fur looks like it's going to be a little shorter then a full golden.
      I totally agree with teaching come!


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