Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too Much Excitment for One Night

Well, on Monday I had written a post all about how Dante's house manners are improving, and how is being allowed more freedom in the house.  It was all set to go until last night.  I promise I'll post it later, but for now...

Dante and I had a quiet day yesterday, just home doing school.   About 5:30, my mom, Dante and I left for a meeting at a church.  It was only a mile from our house so we decided to walk.  Dante did great while we were there.  It was a little more crowded then I expected, but he handled it all very well.  Dinner time for Dante was right in the middle of it.  These last two weeks I have been trying to mix up his schedule, so he won't get too set in his ways.  I decided to bring his food, and see what he thought of eating somewhere else.  He's part lab.  Need I say more?

Dante eating under the counter in a bathroom at the church.

We stayed for another forty-five minutes, so that his food could settle before we headed home.  I don't think we walked 1/4 mile before my mom and I looked at each other and said, "There is no way he is going to make it all the way home!"  He was so tired!  My mom called my dad to come pick us up, and Dante curled up in my lap right on the sidewalk:

We got home about 7:30, and Dante was let off-leash in the family and dining room.  Poor pup was so tired, I thought I'd be fighting to keep him awake until bedtime.  My dad and sister were in there with him while Mom and I went to get dinner.  About ten minutes later, I hear "DANTE, NO!"  Apparently, Dante had jumped up on the couch and grabbed the cat's toy that nobody realized was there.  It was a little stuffed monkey about 1 1/2 inches big.  By the time he let us catch him, it was gone.  I shoved my fingers all the way to his throat.  Too late. 

So, to the emergency vet we go.  We have never been there before, but we got there fine and Dante slept the whole way.  We arrived a few minutes after 8:00, got all signed in, and led to a room to wait for the vet.

Poor Dante just kept giving me this look that said Why are we somewhere else?  I just want to go to sleep!  Have I gotten across how tired he was?

Dante asleep, waiting to see the vet

 After talking to the vet and making the much dreaded anticipated call to CCI, they decided to induce vomiting.  The vet took him back, and within five minutes came back with monkey in hand. 

Dante at the counter, ready to go home.

 We got home about 10:40, and Dante went straight to bed.  I don't remember what they had to give him, but it made him extremely sleepy.  He slept until 7:00 this morning, ate, then has slept most of the day. 

Lessons learned:  1.  Don't dread the call to CCI, because they really are great (would you expect anything less from CCI?) and  2.  Sorry Jack, but all of your toys smaller then 6 inches are going in the trash.


  1. Poor Dante. . . Remind me to tell you sometime about when Boo fished a tampon wrapper out of the bathroom trash and swallowed it down. Trust me, my heart is completely with you and Dante. I am so proud of the wonderful way you handled the emergency and took such great care of Dante.

    Love you,
    Aunt Erin


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