Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take 2: Outside

First of all, I know I have been very sporadic on here the last two weeks, but with spring break and lots of visitors coming, it was hard to stay consistent.  But I'm back in the swing of things and hopefully will be more regular from now on.

In my last post, I did a lot of venting.  It's really not that bad, but after talking with my mom and receiving some great advice from other raisers, Dante has made great progress this week.  I decided to pretty much let him have at it and see if the novelty of being "free" would ware off.  

Dante and I have spent a LOT of time outside this week - about 2 hours everyday.   Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I attached his 30 ft. leash to a tree (it's a lot easier to play with him and not have to manage his leash).  He was doing really well!  He has pretty much stopped eating grass and will now just pull it up and spit it out.  It takes a lot to get him interested in his toys, but he LOVES his Kong Wubba and will chase that thing around for a half-hour straight.  Dante is also getting better with his "here," and will come most times I call him (if he sees I have treats ;] ).

So, today I decided (OK, my sister had to talked me into it) to let him off his leash in the yard.  I still left his 6 ft. leash on because we could get him out of trouble easier with that on. He barely noticed it, and when he did, he enjoyed the freedom of walking himself ;). 

He started with a crazy run in his favorite plants:

Then some "fetch."  OK, he really doesn't get the idea of bringing it back yet, but he loves to run with it, and I love watching him because he still has a little of a "puppy run." 

Then, later this afternoon, we took him out again, and I got some pictures.

Blurry, but a good "here"

I don't think I have a single non-blurred picture, but he was having fun!

 Blurry again, but I still love this picture!

:-(  Dante is losing his puppy shape...

this just makes me laugh!

Sweet and couldn't be happier!

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