Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Question: Getting Out

Dante is pretty high-energy.  When he first came, I thought that getting him to new places every other day or so, would be enough to keep us busy, but not overwhelm him.  After three or four weeks, I realized that I really needed to start taking him out every day. 

Since we are not supposed to walk more then a mile-and-a-half at a time, it has been really challenging to tire him out.  When I walk him down the same road more then twice, it gets "old" to him.  He really needs to work his mind at the same time in new places.  I try not to walk him down the same streets more then every couple days (there are a lot of sidewalks here), and getting on busier streets, but it will still take him over an hour of running (he really does run the whole time) afterwards in the yard to wear him out.  

This last week has been especially hard to try to think of new places to get him to.  What makes it harder is that we have only been here three-and-a-half months, so I can't think of anywhere else that is dog-friendly that we can bring him.

We have been to the parking lots and fronts of a ton of stores; the town-square; walked around the outside mall; two different parks where we even watched baseball practices and tennis matches; Petco; outside garden centers; and a number of other places.  I only have one month until I can start bringing Dante in public, but until then, where are good places to take him?


  1. I love learning about how different CCI is than GDB through your blog! It's so interesting to me that they don't want them in stores before a certain age.

    As for things to do with him, do you have any friends with dogs in your area or puppy club? If you trust them, it might be good for them to play.

    Do you guys get to do any fun shaping games with them? GDB has "Go to Bed" which will literally keep them occupied forever because they love it is so much and it makes them think.

    Our puppies are also allowed to play tug which is good for getting some wiggles out.

    Aren't you guys allowed to play fetch? The GDB puppies can't but I have been with the Diabetic Alert dog and it is great for getting excess energy out of him before my classes.

    Hopefully you are allowed to do a few of these lol.

  2. Wow, my mom person visited CCI in California last year & thinks it's really cool that you're a puppy raiser.

    We have a blog, www.PetBlogsUnited.com and we'd love to feature you in a New Blogger Alert post. If you're interested you can contact us at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. I think each region of CCI has different guidelines (just from reading blogs). But our trainer highly encouraged outings at this age, including stores. Due to potty breaks - keep them short and it's okay to hold them, or keep them in a down position. Go to the mall and sit. Don't enforce any commands on the puppy - let it take in it's environment. When the puppy completely calms down, you can leave. We started taking Haddie at Dante's age to church - held her in our lap. We went to feed stores, dept stores with tile floors, hardware stores, and then the things you mentioned outside like parks, golf courses (walk the cart path), and construction sites. Exercise routines at that age was fetch for Haddie - it's still her favorite release pass time. Do you have stairs in your house? Practice going up and down over and over - that wore out Haddie and helped her with good stair manners (not pulling). Hope this helps - I remember the feeling of trying to be creative. I think just anything that exposes them early to imprint their cute little brains for when they are older.

  4. Hello!

    Here is my two cents. Yes fetch is a good option for tiring them out and our "bed" command is kind of like GDBs "go to bed" command. When I've had little pups (Under 5 months) I really did not take them many places. We did a lot of puppy play dates with another dog friendly dog in the area. This is the BEST way to tire a pup out. We also went to a lot of parks, a college campus, and we spent some afternoons playing in fields on a long line. There are some other options such as public playgrounds, and downtown (I live in a small town so it was ok for a young pup). The best thing is to get in a habit with games. Maybe have him "help you out" by carrying one of his toys on a walk. These are just some ideas and you'll even face this problem once he starts going places. Even after an entire day out and about Teva comes home BOUNDING with energy, he is crazy! I don't know how he does it but being good all day apparently does not tire a puppy out.

  5. Wow, thank you all for your replies.
    I am so surprised by the difference between regions in CCI.
    Dante loves to run after toys, but when with such a short attention-span, I alternate between 3 or 4 toys when we play so he won't get bored.
    @Crrie's Raiser: We're not allowed to plat tug until he is 10 months. As for puppies, that has been one of the hardest things b/c I don't have a puppy club in my area. He does attend puppy class where they get time to play before we begin, but that's only 1/week.
    @Elle J: I love the stairs idea! I think it's kind of weird that there is so much change though the regions about taking them in public. think I'll talk to my PPM about this.
    @Madison: I love your idea of having him "help" He is such a golden in that he always has to have something in his mouth! I moved out of state the beginning of this year, so I still don't know many people with puppies, but a neighbor has a lab that is 3 weeks older then D and we are trying to get them together soon!
    Thank you all for your helpful comments!

  6. There are some differences between the CCI regions, but I think a lot of it personal preference. I am in the NWR and I personally do not take them into stores that do not allow pets until they are at least five months. Before this, I will take them to pet stores and country supply stores, small businesses that know me well and are supportive of puppy raising, walks, outside events, etc. I also take them to church when they are really little, but after service is over for them to get people socialization.

    To help wear out Dante, stop and have "working" sessions on the walk. Have him sit, down, find someplace to just to an under and then continue the walk, randomly turn a different direction and see how well Dante stays with you. These things will require them to do a lot of thinking which wears them out the most. For example, I took one of my pups to a spot with a lot of benches, sometimes I walked past the bench, others I asked for an under, up, jump, or just to sit. This required her to really listen and think about the command I was giving.

    Technically speaking, the puppy manual in NWR says not to take them inside businesses until they are about five-six months old.

    Hope that helps some!

    1. Yes it does! making sure that he is "working" when I'm out with him has been something that I know I need to step up on. He is so stinkin smart, and I need to make sure I'm challenging him.

  7. Hey Hannah - great post. Two ideas come to mind. 1.) You mentioned having taken him to tennis matches, so I'm assuming you have a tennis court withIn a reasonable (either by foot or car) distance. The lovely thing about a tennis court is the wonderful high fences. How about going there in an "off" time when they aren't likely to be in use by tennis players, and bring some balls with you. Then throw the balls for him on the court - both he and the balls will be contained by the high fences, or you can keep him on a long lead, however you're comfortable, and it's a good, fun way to both let him expend all the energy he needs, and expose him to different surfaces.
    2.) what about playgrounds? Again, if you go during a "quieter" time, hopefully there will be some kids there without overwhelming him. There are all kinds of things to explore there, from the rubber surface, to different obstacles like tunnels, bridges, even a low, gentle sloping slide, when he's ready. You could just do a different area or obstacle each time, as he got comfortable with each one. And as each playground is slightly different, perhaps, if there are multiple ones in your area, it might be worth checking each out, as they'd each provide a slightly different experience for him.
    Just a few thoughts. . . Much love to you and Dante.
    - Aunt Erin


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